Our Journey

The journey of Ouija Biosolutions has its origins in the thought that the nascent biotech sector in North-East India requires a robust push. Given the tremendous wealth of bioresources and age-old traditions and knowledge about their sustainable use, biotech can change the way we look at our bioresources. One way is to embrace the concept of science entrepreneurship and make the first move!

BIRAC’s support in the form of Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) in 2017 provided us the first platform to establish our idea that fungal fermentation can enhance the quantity and quality of the fragrant Assam agarwood oil. Driven by the desire to innovate and enthused by the overwhelming response to our efforts beginning with BIG, we decided to start –up early.

On 11th of April, 2018, exactly one year after starting BIG, Ouija Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd. was formed. With a ready laboratory set up in Guwahati Biotech Park and Incubation Centre, IIT-Guwahati Campus, we are poised to make forays into technology-driven biosolutions.